People who want to buy a new phone without a guarantor can use their postpaid mobile phones for this service. They can buy a new device with the possibility of credit to the invoice, which is an opportunity value, especially for people who do not want to pay the file costs and get credit from banks.

This service, which many people have just heard of and even most people do not know, is extremely useful. Good Credit users have the opportunity to take credit on their postpaid lines if they meet the necessary conditions. This service, which is generally provided in the cities of Istanbul, Izmir, Malatya, Adana, Konya, Bursa, Mersin and Ankara, can be performed anywhere where the operators’ dealers are located.

Those who go to the operator dealers can receive a phone call by converting the gift points defined in their lines in cash in installments. The first thing to do is to go to the phone operator dealer where the phone is the user of the line owner.

Collection of Necessary Information and Documents for Postpaid Line Credit


Persons who will draw credit on the postpaid line must have the necessary knowledge and documents required. Persons who go to the phone dealer can get a phone by defining a credit on their postpaid line.

Although not everyone can get a phone call on the postpaid line, they must pay their bills properly and the credit rating of the operator dealer in return must be high. The amount of credit everyone has is different, and some can buy phones on the line at higher prices, while others can buy phones at lower prices.

People with good scores can buy phones that have high costs and will not cause much damage when sold. This opportunity offered by operators is a very safe method. Many people prefer this formal and legal method thanks to the favorable interest rate of operators’ financial institutions.

Physical and Financial Project Designing to Take Credit to Postpaid Lines

Physical and Financial Project Designing to Take Credit to Postpaid Lines

Thanks to the loan to postpaid lines, the borrowers can meet their new device needs in the shortest way. With the treaty signed, loans are paid to the banks as if they were paid. Nowadays, most people who complain about file costs use this method.

For a new mobile phone, where Emergency Money needs will be met most risk-free, are the official dealers of operator companies. The line of people who want to get credit in the form of a telephone line must be postpaid.

With this system, people who provide financing can meet their new phone needs in a short time. With this method, which is widely used in big cities, banking transactions are handled in a short time. A contract is signed between the borrower and the creditor (institution), which protects the interests of both parties. Installments are in addition to your bill.

Credit Counseling Service To Take Credit On Postpaid Line

In this method, which has been successfully settled without guarantee or guarantee, the borrower must comply with the signed contract and pay the installments on the day. The maturity of the loan varies between 6 months and 12 months. There is no file expense of the loan obtained in this way with respect to the banks. Operators’ financial institutions perform all processes meticulously and cleanly.

For those who regularly pay their bills, this emergency money opportunity is an opportunity that needs to be evaluated. People who have entered the black list of banks can sometimes benefit from this service. The application made by the person to the dealer personally is taken into consideration and the evaluation is generally positive.

Payments of the loans given are reflected on the invoice and the collection is made on the invoice.

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